To Tempt a Sorcerer (a Brides of Prophecy spinoff)

Brooklyn Ann
Book Cover: To Tempt a Sorcerer (a Brides of Prophecy spinoff)
Part of the Blood Prophecy series:
  • To Tempt a Sorcerer (a Brides of Prophecy spinoff)

Tiana Dìlleachdan’s last name means orphan. She was raised in a mage school. Her pointed ears and the lock of faelin hair she was found with make half of her parentage known, but the other half was kept secret—until she is chosen by high sorcerer, Rayven Niltsiar to be his apprentice. Tiana knows that the grumpy mage only wants her for her lineage, but something about the rare smiles she teases out of him makes her long for him to want more.

Rayven Niltsiar, former friend and now rival of the King, has been feared for centuries. He’d always refused to take an apprentice—until a beautiful mage with a secret lineage enters his nightmare forest for cooking herbs. With Tiana at his side, he will achieve his constant goals: accumulate more power.

But as the world of Aisthanesthai prepares for war and Tiana’s training progresses, Rayven comes to learn that there’s more to life than power—just as impending danger and revealed secrets place him at risk of losing Tiana forever.

Brooklyn Ann

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