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May 28th, 2021:

Brides of Prophecy Book 8

Blue haired woman holding a guitar and standing in front of a portal beside a gray wolf


Lead guitarist and apprentice mage Sylvis Jagwolfe has always been the quiet member of Rage of Angels. Though she enjoys spending time with her bandmates, she treasures moments of solitude when it’s just her, a guitar, and the wolf that’s been glued to her side lately.

However, when battles against the Evil One’s horde accelerate, and her wolf turns out not to be a wolf, Sylvis discovers that she can’t remain in her shell any longer. She must emerge from the shadows, embrace her growing powers, and confront her awakening heart, or risk her side losing a critical alliance in the wars to come.

September, 24th, 2021:


(B Mine, Book 4)

When Amelia Craven receives an invitation to a secret, exclusive Halloween party, she’s thrilled at the prospect of being acknowledged by her peers and intrigued by the location: the infamous Raimi house, an abandoned funeral home built on a Native burial ground.

The place is even creepier than she imagined. Even though all her instincts tell her to get out, Amelia stays because her crush, Guillermo Romero, is finally talking to her. Not only that, but their bond is more intense than she’d dared to dream.

But when one of the party guests dies in a horrific accident, the blood awakens a demonic entity that is hungry for slaughter. Everyone tries to escape only to find that they can’t pass the barrier to the property. Trapped, they are possessed by the demon only to turn on their friends. Amelia and Guillermo band together to survive the night and find out if love can kill a demon.


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