Her Halloween Party (Coming September 24th, 2021)

Brooklyn Ann

B Mine, book 4

Book Cover: Her Halloween Party (Coming September 24th, 2021)
Part of the B Mine series:

Amelia Craven is at the verge of dropping out of the sorority that she never wanted to join. But when the sorority president announces that the final initiation will take place at a Halloween party in the infamous Raimi House, temptation overtakes her twofold. First, she'd been obsessed with local haunted places, especially the abandoned mansion that had been built on cursed land. Second, her secret crush, Guillermo Romero, is also going to undergo the same initiation with his fraternity. The challenge? Survive one night int the house. Amelia comes up with the perfect plan to convince Guillermo to be more than friends.

When Guillermo Romero hears that his final initiation is to spend the night in a house where countless had died, he is throw away family tradition and walk out. But then Amelia Craven, the ice-princess who set his heart aflame throughout their tenuous friendship, approaches him with an offer he can't resist. If he pretends to date her, they can research the Raimi House and find protective measures to survive without the dominating sorority and fraternity presidents knowing and thus trying to thwart them.

But as the fated Halloween approaches, their bond grows more intense than either dared to dream. Unfortunately, the Raimi House turns out to be far more sinister than they imagined. A demonic entity is awakened and hungry for slaughter. Trapped, the initiates and party guests alike are possessed by the demon, only to turn on their friends. Amelia and Guillermo band together to survive the night and find out if love can kill a demon.

Brooklyn Ann

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